johnlamottecommunication_skillsIn addition to expressing ourselves verbally, non-verbally and via the written word, we communicate effectively when we  open ourselves up to ideas, options and solutions by listening to and understanding others.  Most of us believe this is something we naturally do pretty well most of the time and what with all the new technology we have at our finger tips, our ability to communicate is even better!    However, research evidence shows that at the top of the problem list for most organisations, teams and relationships is poor communication.

Conflict, stress, poor retention, poor performance, unhappiness are all the negative consequences of poor inter and intra personal communication.   In an increasingly global and networked business world, teams are required to work virtually, collaboratively and across different cultures demanding more understanding of difference in styles of communication and work practices.   With the advancement of technology we are also required to do more complex multi-tasking.   A tendency to critical self reflection is also often the result of our struggle to cope with all of these new work demands which can lead to anxiety, depression and stress.   So what can be done?

powerpoint-clip-art-PowerPoint-in-the-classroomAlong with Trish’s approachable manner and extensive experience and knowledge in the field of behavioural skills development, iGo Develop uses a mix of well researched behavioural tools and frameworks to provide lasting solutions customised to your individual or team communication needs.   NLP, Transactional Analysis, Mindfulness, Positive psychology, Emotional and Cultural intelligence, DiSC, MBTI  are just some of the tools and approaches available to help you succeed in your working practices.   Below are just some of the interventions that can be delivered to meet your 1:1 or team needs efficiently and effectively.


Face to Face and On-Line Coaching

Career transitions: new job, new manager, new leader, new challenge, retirement
Cross-cultural communication
Virtual teams

Health & Wellness Coaching

Transformational Coaching Model
Mindfulness and Compassion focussed solutions
Managing Stress, Anxiety, Depression